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The Golf Nut Performance Center is one of the best locations in the state for custom fittings. We offer fittings for 12 manufacturers, including PXG. Additionally, we’re the only fitting hub in the region for PXG. 


Our goal is to help you hit the links with the right clubs for you through custom fittings. We can do this by using Trackman technology to analyze multiple data points.

Simulated Accuracy

We use the Trackman indoor simulator to assess your swing and club. This is the same technology used on the PGA tour, and ours is the only public Trackman simulator in the state. The system uses a combination of radar and camera tracking that provides unsurpassed accuracy, and actionable golf swing data. When we can see the club speed, loft, and impact of your swing, we can know how to set you up with the right clubs. Trackman technology is such a powerful tool that we also use it for private lessons.

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Cost of a custom fitting?


We charge $50/session for an iron or wood fitting, which covers the cost of utiizing the simulator. We recommend at least two sessions to ensure we have the proper data for a custom fit.

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