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To understand how your golf shots happen, you need to know the science and the cause and effect behind ball flight. For this reason, we utilize both the Trackman and Foresight simulators for our lessons. We have the only public Trackman simulator in Arkansas, which makes The Golf Nut Performance Center one of the best places to take lessons in the region.

Advanced Training Through Technology

The Trackman simulator uses a combination of radar and camera tracking to see club speed, loft, and impact of your swing. We can see exactly why a ball might slice or hook. All of this data is used to help make the right adjustments. The Foresight offers full simulation of rounds of golf to provide an optimal practice experience. Our golf pro, Matt Brooks, is trained and equipped to help you with your game!

Matt Brooks

We are thrilled to have Matt as our resident golf pro. In addition to having 11+ years experience in the golf industry, Matt has played competitively and studied the golf swing extensively. He’s a certified custom fitter and offers more than 5 years of teaching experience. He has helped hundreds of golfers improve their game and he would be honored to help you as well. Fun fact: Matt is also professionally trained as an opera singer and spent 8 years working as a professional singer before coming back to golf.


If you have a question for Matt or would like to book a lesson, you may call him direct at (540) 551-0485‬ or tap the link below.

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Prices for Private Lessons


Lessons are $50 for each half hour, which includes the cost of the simulation bay time. You bring your own clubs, and we will clean them at no cost to you. We also recommend wearing clean tennis shoes. We don’t allow golf shoes that could potentially carry dirt into the simulation area. We work hard to keep this area as clean and dust free as possible so the technology remains in top working condition. 

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